Program of Studies for Grades 9-12

    The main purpose of the high school program is to fully prepare all students to be successful beyond their high school experience.

    The testament and proof of this mission can be witnessed by the fact that 93% of the graduates from the Class of 2019 are attending higher educational institutions.  Other graduates have moved forward into an array of rewarding careers.  Many of those who opt initially not to pursue higher education directly out of high school make the choice to continue to further their education within three years.  Therefore, the program of studies is designed to prepare all students to maximize their options.

    Students will be furnished with the opportunity to enroll in courses at East Brunswick High School where they can earn up to 40 college credits through The College Pathways Program. For those students who have specific careers in mind, the program of studies provides introductory options, Work Study Programs and Career Internship opportunities.  In addition, the possibility of part-time enrollment in the Middlesex County Vocational School is available to juniors and seniors for in-depth career study, while at the same time earning an East Brunswick High School diploma.