• Course Levels at Churchill Junior High School

    The program of studies at Churchill Junior High School affords students the opportunity to take courses at either the academic or honors level. Those students determined to be in need of additional mathematics and/or language arts instruction will be scheduled into supplemental basic skills classes. An accelerated level is also offered in some science and math courses.

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    Academic Courses
    Academic Courses offered at the academic level grades nine through twelve will provide the foundation for higher level study preparing students for college, trade and technical schools as well as career aspirations.

    Accelerated (ACC) Courses
    Accelerated levels allow teachers to provide more enrichment on the foundations that are provided in the academic course.  Check the prerequisites listed for specific courses to determine the criteria for placement into an accelerated level course.    

    Honors (H) Courses
    Courses for the academically advanced are designed to provide students with coursework that requires an exceptional degree of motivation and commitment.  These courses are of greater breadth and depth than the standard academic courses and require skills commensurate with enthusiastic, independent work and exploration. Check the prerequisites listed for specific courses to determine the criteria to continue in the honors level of that course.

    Basic Skills Courses
    Students requiring additional work in language arts will be scheduled into a basic skills class in place of two electives. These placements will be based on standardized test scores and/or secondary criteria.