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    Academics Staff Portal

    The Department of Academics Staff Resources Page is available through the new Staff Portal, which is replacing the Staff Moodle Pages. The Staff Portal and the Department of Academics Staff Resources page can only be accessed by faculty and staff of East Brunswick Public Schools. Login is required.

    After successfully signing in using the single sign-on link below, your screen will reopen to the ebnet.org homepage with a new menu option called 'Staff Resources'. You may click Staff Resources in the menu or return to this page for direct access to the quick links to Academics Staff Resources below. 

    Click Here to Sign in to the Staff Portal

    Direct Link to Department of Academics Staff Resources Page (Must sign in before accessing)

    Quick Links:

    Once you have signed in to the Staff Portal, you can access these quick links below:

    How to Log into the New Staff Portal from Desktops and Mobile Devices:

    1. Navigate to the district homepage at www.ebnet.org
    2. Click on the white gear icon to the right of the page, hover to open the menu, then select 'Sign In'  OR click 'Menu', then scroll down to select 'User Options' and 'Sign In'. 
    3. Click on the black button that says "Employee Single Sign-On". Sign in with your district credentials.
    4. Click on 'Staff Resources' in the menu bar. A page containing a welcome message with your name indicates that you've signed in correctly. 
    5. To access the Department of Academics Staff Resources Page, choose 'Academics'. 
    6. To logout, access the 'sign-out' link from the same method you used to access the 'sign in' link (white gear icon, or menu > user options).

    Watch a demostration of logging into the new staff portal through the video below. The video contains no audio, this is a visual demonstration only.

    How to Log Into the New Staff Portal [VIDEO]
    Note: If the video is blurry, change your video resolution settings to 1080p.