• 2020-2021 Grant recipients:


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        First Lady Grants:    

    • Hammarskjold Middle School - Practice Smarter! Bringing Smartmusic Software to Students
      Joshua Becker, Thomas Coates, Zachary Gates, Susan Meuse
      Funding will allow for the acquisition of a one year premium subscription for SmartMusic software for Hammarskjold’s band, orchestra and chorus students. SmartMusic offers a variety of tools that will enhance teaching and learning both in school and virtually.

    • Memorial Elementary School - Different Children, Different Interests, Different Levels Rachel
      Thomas, Leah Clements, AnnaMarie Affinito, Jessica Raab, Daishanae Kemp-Jackson, Nicole Birckbichler
      Grant funds will make it possible for teachers to greatly increase the number of books in their classroom libraries. Teachers will now be able to put a variety of high interest fiction and nonfiction books in the hands of all of their students, many of whom are reading below grade level and do not have access to books at home.
    • Central Elementary School - A Breath of Fresh Air
      Kristy Cognata, Amanda Alessandro, Danielle DiNinno, Katherine Motusesky
      Funds will allow for the acquisition of materials and equipment necessary to outfit four outdoor classrooms. Canopies, projectors, screens, whiteboards, and stools that are compatible with the outdoors are among the items that will be purchased.

    • Frost Elementary School - Planting the Seeds of Social Justice
      Jill Conway, Teresa Vetrecin

      Books that reflect the diversity of the Frost School community will be purchased with grant funds. The goal of this grant is twofold: 1. to bring an awareness of the importance of tolerance…that we are all more the same than different, and 2. to encourage activities that will promote cross grade level collaboration

      On an annual basis, the Kabus Foundation provides a significant donation that will be matched by the East Brunswick Education Foundation. To highlight Dr. Kabus’ love of the sciences, especially in his high schoolyears, this grant is directed to the East Brunswick High School’s Science Department for programs, equipment and materials that advance learning, research and progress in the sciences.
      Dr. David Lloyd Kabus graduated from East Brunswick High School in 1981. He was valedictorian and won the Bausch and Lomb Science Award. He graduated from the University of Pennsylvania Summa Cum Laude and graduated from SUNY Buffalo Medical School with honors. After his residency at NYU and fellowship at Sloan Kettering, he joined the Ridgewood Pathology Group where he became a full partner in five years.

    • East Brunswick High SchoolSpeeding up Molecular Exploration in Biology
      Jessica DiBenedetti, Anne Sanelli
      The goal of this grant is to increase students’ hands on time when performing labs and analyzing data in the AP Biology, Molecular Biology, and Research Seminars in Science Honors (Waksman program) courses at EBHS. Outdated gel electrophoresis equipment will be replaced with the grant funds being provided. The amount of time for collaborative discussion and data analysis will increase threefold as a result of this funding.

      The family of Venu Madhav Bandaru, East Brunswick High School Class of 1989, has generously funded this grant, matched by the East Brunswick Education Foundation. This grant is directed to the Science or Math Departments at East Brunswick High, Churchill Junior High or Hammarskjold Middle Schools.

    • East Brunswick High School – East Brunswick Astronomy Nights
      Ryan Higgins, Jessica DiBenedetti
      Three reflector telescopes with cases will be purchased with the funding provided through this grant. In addition to being used during teaching and learning in related science classes, the telescopes will enable cross grade level learning opportunities. Members of the EBHS Science Honor Society will take on the role as mentors to Churchill and Hammarskjold students. Together they will plan and implement Astronomy Nights for 4th grade students whose science curriculum includes the study of astronomy.


    • Hammarskjold Middle School, Churchill Junior High School, East Brunswick High School -
      Elevating Student Engagement and Agency through Minecraft Education
      Kristan Shanks, Alexia Deluca, Herb Peluzzo
      “Minecraft’s Education Edition (MEE) is being used by schools around the world to increase student engagement and ‘gamify’ the classroom in all learning environments, including hybrid, virtual and in-person.” The intended short term goal of this grant, submitted by all three secondary instructional coaches is to elevate the level of student engagement and agency during lessons and project work through the MEE program using Xbox controllers. Long term, the coaches will create a training program that will enable them to pilot the use of this platform throughout all subject areas in all secondary grade levels.

    • Lawrence Brook Elementary School - Shake up Your Shelves; Building Connections to Lawrence Brook’s
      Diverse Backgrounds
      Alissa Pagano, Aanika Boylan, Rachel Weitzenkorn
      Inspired by the work of Lawrence Brook’s Equity Committee, a committee made up of staff members and
      families, this grant will allow for the purchase of carefully selected books for use at all grade levels. The books were chosen to specifically reflect Lawrence Brook’s diverse student population.

    • Churchill Junior High School, Hammarskjold Middle School - Everything is Peachy with Pear Deck
      Beth Logan-Shobe, Christine Sulva, Melissa Grigal, Emily Caponigro, Maria Gorman. Puja Daga,
      Shauna Murray
      Funding from this grant will benefit every CJHS and HMS student. As students are engaged in learning through interactive slide shows, teachers will be able to verify student participation, formatively assess individual students, and provide immediate specific feedback. Many teachers were able to pilot this software using a free trial and they are excited to now be able to utilize this tool to its fullest.


    • Lawrence Brook Elementary School – Magna Tiles, Magna Tiles, What Do You See? I See Children
      Learning With Me!
      Jason Lopez, Chelsea Walsh, Elizabeth Walsh
      Funds will allow for the purchase of Eric Carle theme based Magna Tile sets and their corresponding board books for use in kindergarten and 1st grade classrooms. The goal of the project is to combine STEAM learning with the acquisition of ELA skills while also raising the level of student engagement and collaboration.