•  East Brunswick Public Schools Course Catalog | 2021-2022

    Introduction to Physical Education Courses

    In grades eight through twelve, students are offered a variety of activities that are divided into three areas: lifetime sports, team sports and physical fitness. The lifetime sports activities offered are badminton, dance, golf, ping pong, tennis and social dance. Classes include skills development, written tests, skills tests and tournament play. Students are encouraged to participate in the various activities on their own. Team sports emphasize skills, strategy and rules of the game. The intangibles such as team work, cooperation and sportsmanship are promoted. The sports include basketball, ultimate frisbee, lacrosse, softball, track, touch football, volleyball and soccer. Physical fitness includes individual fitness programs, step aerobics, strength training, and jogging. Two categories are stressed: health-related fitness, which relates to characteristics such as flexibility, strength and cardiovascular endurance; and skill-related fitness, which includes eye-hand coordination, balance, agility and general coordination.

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