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    The Course Catalog contains a list of courses and course descriptions by department. Please use the navigation links to the left or the links below to choose a subject area.

    Course Placement Criteria for Advanced Placement and Honors Courses

    Some advanced placement and honors courses have prerequisites that students must achieve in order to be enrolled in the AP or Honors level course. Please click here to open Course Placement Criteria for AP and Honors Courses

    Course Attributes:

    Courses may have additional attributes which are indicated with a color-coded square symbol after the course title. On pages where these symbols occur, a key is available at the top of page. For users with color vision impairment or visual impairment, the key description also contains a letter in brackets which will also be found at the end of the course description.

    Course Attributes include:
    ◘ Dual-Credit Option [D] ◘ Meets NCAA Course Requirements [N] ◘ Meets NJ Graduation Requirements [G]  Availability Based on Sufficient Enrollment [A]

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