• East Brunswick Public Schools Course Guide | 2021-2022

    Dual-Enrollment EBHS and MCC Course List
    Courses in the Course Catalog with 'indicate that the course offers the option for students to earn college credits through the Middlesex County College Pathways Program.

    Please visit the EBHS|MCC Pathways Dual-Enrollment Program page for specific information on the registration and application process. 

    East Brunswick High School Course Name

    MCC Fall or Full Year Course [credits]

    MCC Spring Course [credits]


    College Writing H

    ENG-121 [3]

    ENG-122 [3]

    English 12


    ENG 121-[3]


    AP Music Theory

    MUS-201 [3]

    MUS-202 [3]


    Italian V H

    ITA-121 [3]

    ITA-122 [3]

    Italian VI H

    ITA-221 [3]

    ITA-222 [3]

    AP Italian Language and Culture

    ITA-221 [3]

    ITA-222 [3]

    German V H

    GER-121 [3]

    GER-122 [3]

    German VI H

    GER-221 [3]

    GER-222 [3]

    AP German Language and Culture

    GER-221 [3]

    GER-222 [3]

    Spanish V H

    SPA-121 [3]

    SPA-122 [3]

    Spanish VI H


    SPA-222 [3]

    AP Spanish Language

    SPA-221 [3]

    SPA-222 [3]

    French V H

    FRE-121 [3]

    FRE-122 [3]

    French VI H

    FRE-221 [3]

    FRE-222 [3]

    AP French Language and Culture

    FRE-221 [3]

    FRE-222 [3]


    Calculus H

    MAT-131 [4]

    Calculus II H

    MAT-132 [4]

    Calculus III H

    MAT-233 [4]

    Statistics H

    MAT-123 [3]


    AP Biology

    BIO-123 [3]

    BIO-124 [3]

    Anatomy and Physiology H

    BIO-111 [4]

    BIO-112 [4]

    Physics H

    PHY-123/125 [4]

    PHY-124/126 [4]

    Chemistry H

    CHM-121 and CHM-125 [4]

    CHM-122 and CHM-126 [4]


    AP Computer Science

    CSC-161 [4]

    CSC-162 [4]

    AP Computer Science Principles

    CSC-105 [3]


    Accounting 101 H

    ACC-101 [4]


    IPLE H (Institute for Politcal and Legal Education)

    POS-220 [3]

    Psychology II H (Semester Course)**

    PSY-123 [3] OR

    PSY-123 [3]

    Genocide in the Modern World (Semester Course)*

    HIS-260 [3] OR

    HIS-260 [3]

    Public Speaking (Semester Course)**

    SPE-121 [3] OR

    SPE-121 [3]

    Please visit the Middlesex County College website for more information about MCC courses: https://www.middlesexcc.edu/

    **EBHS semester courses align with either the fall or spring MCC course, and must enroll during the semester that a student is enrolled. Students enrolled in a semester 1 course must register for the fall MCC course. Students enrolled in semester 2 courses must register for the spring MCC course.

    *This list is subject to change based on EBHS Faculty eligibility for MCC Adjunct Professor status