• East Brunswick Public Schools Course Guide | 2021-2022

    Churchill Junior High School Electives

    Key: [S] - Semester Course, [FY] - Full Year Course

    Fine and Performing Arts

    Visual Arts

    • 3-D Design [S]
    • Ceramics Exploration [S]
    • Intro to Ceramics (Prerequisite*: B+ in Ceramics Exploration, 9th Grade Only) [S]
    • Drawing Exploration [S]
    • Drawing and Painting (Prerequisite*: B+ in Drawing Exploration) [S]
    • Graphic Design [S]
    • Ceramics Exploration [S]

    Theatre Arts

    • Theater Arts and Communications [S]
    • Filmmaking [S]


    • The World of Digital Music [S]
    • Beginning Piano [S]
    • Piano Lab (Prerequisite*: Beginning Piano or Audition) [S]
    • Chorus [S]
    • Chorus [FY]
    • Concert Band (Prerequisite*: Enrolled Last Year or Audition) [FY]
    • Wind Ensemble (Advanced Concert Band) (Prerequisite*: Audition) [FY]
    • Orchestra (Prerequisite*: Enrolled Last Year or Audition) [FY]
    • Select Orchestra (Prerequisite: Audition) [FY]
    • Advanced Orchestra (Prerequisite*: Audition) [FY]

    Practical Arts

    Business Education

    • Computer Keyboarding Applications
    • Introduction to Business (9th Grade Only)
    • Financial Literacy (9th Grade Only)
    • Accounting I (9th Grade Only)

    Family and Consumer Sciences

    • Creative Living I
    • Creative Living II (Prerequisite*: Creative Living I)
    • Sew Much More! (Sewing Machine Experience Strongly Recommended)
    • Food Science and Nutrition
    • Culinary Essentials (Prerequisite/Co-Requisite*: Creative Living I)

    Technology Education

    • Fundamentals of Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering I (CJHS Prerequisite ONLY: Fundamentals of Engineering)
    • STEM I (Formally Exploring STEM Concepts)
    • STEM II (Prerequisite: STEM I)
    • Introduction to Woodworking
    • Graphic Communication

    Computer Science

    • Introduction to Computer Science (9th Grade Only)



    • Heroes, Vilains, and Mythology (9th Grade Only)

    *Prerequisite – a course necessary to complete before moving to the next level in that subject area.