• East Brunswick Public Schools Course Guide | 2021-2022

    Course Levels at Churchill Junior High School, Grade 8

    The program of studies at Churchill Junior High School affords students the opportunity to take courses at either the academic or honors level. Those students determined to be in need of additional mathematics and/or language arts instruction will be scheduled into supplemental basic skills classes.

    Honors (H) Courses
    Student eligibility for Grade 8 honors level courses is determined by course placement criteria found to be predictive of academic success. Grade 8 honors level courses in the four core areas of study, English, mathematics, science and social studies, represent the last time the district places students into a course. Honors courses require academic aptitude and skills commensurate with enthusiastic, independent work and exploration. While the course placement criteria varies slightly by curricular department, it includes a combination of standardized test scores, teacher recommendations and past academic performance.

    Academic (A) Courses
    Courses offered at the academic level for incoming eighth graders will prepare students for the college preparatory sequence that commences with Grade 9. These courses provide the foundation for higher- level study preparing students for college, technical school and careers. Students who earn a grade of at least A- will meet the criteria for placement in an honors course in the subject the following year.

    Basic Skills Classes
    Students requiring additional work in language arts will be scheduled into a basic skills class in place of two electives. These placements will be based on standardized test scores and/or secondary criteria.