•  Business Education Courses
    East Brunswick Public Schools Course Catalog | 2021-2022

    The field of business is for individuals looking for an exciting career—one that offers excellent salaries, pleasant working conditions and many opportunities for advancement. The Business Education program is designed to meet the needs of three groups of students—those interested in immediate business careers, those planning to pursue business training in college or business school and those interested in taking business subjects for personal use.

    Key: ◘ Dual-Credit Option [D] ◘ Meets NCAA Course Requirements [N]

     2406/1401 - Introduction to Business
    Grades 9-12 | Credits: 2.5

    Introduction to Business is a half-year course designed to introduce the student to the environment of business today. Students will examine the world of business and how it can and does affect their lives. Ethical and social responsibility issues will be discussed, as well as the increasing importance of international (global) business. The course is designed to be an introduction to the business electives offered at the high school level. It incorporates marketing, accounting, economics, business ownership/entrepreneurship, management/organization, human resources, finance, investment, and legal aspects of the business environment.

     2407/1402 - Introduction to Marketing
    Grades 10-12 | Credits: 2.5

    Intro to Marketing is a half-year course designed to provide the student with a background in the functions and principles of marketing. Intro to Marketing seeks to expose students to media methods of research, and evaluations that are used to sell a product, service, or business. Hands-on experience is given in copywriting, layout, and production in various media. This course meets the New Jersey mandate of a 21st Century Career requirement for all high school students. This class enables students to apply skills to a variety of activities centered on the 7 Functions of Marketing: management, finance, personal selling, promotion, distribution, pricing, and product. Students will develop assignments and projects that authentically assess learned skills.  Students will acquire a strong foundation on how businesses use effective marketing strategies in the business world.

     2405/1412 - Financial Literacy
    Grades 9-12 | Credits: 2.5 | Graduation requirement; This course is offered as an online course – See your counselor for details.

    Every student needs to master their finances now, and for the rest of their lives.   Our Financial Literacy course addresses the need for all students to know how to earn, save, and manage their money.   Through engaging, student-centered activities and projects that require 21st-century skills, our students will master career exploration, money management, credit, saving and investing skills. They will also dive into the world of informed purchasing, civic financial responsibility and risk management.

    Our Online Financial Literacy course was developed by East Brunswick Teachers and is taught by East Brunswick Teachers.  The course covers the same core concepts as the traditional class and the class is taught exclusively online. This class is perfect for highly motivated students who like to work independently and possess strong time management and written communication skills.  The assignments and projects are continuously being updated to enhance the online environment.   Students enrolled in Online Financial Literacy will be able to take an additional 2.5 credit during the year.

     2404/1404 - Accounting I
    Grades 9-12 | Credits: 2.5

    The field of accounting is for individuals looking for an exciting career; one that offers high earning potential, travel throughout the USA and abroad, and the opportunity to advance in many careers. Accounting I will introduce students to the accounting cycle, which will serve as a sound background for employment in both the private sector and government entities, owning your own business, and preparation for studying business/commerce courses at college and ultimately in graduate school. Students will be introduced to the computerized accounting cycle stressing general ledger skills needed for producing financial statements for both a single proprietorship and a partnership.

     1407 - Accounting II
    Grades 10-12 | Credits: 2.5 | Prerequisite:  Accounting I

    Accounting II focuses on a business organization established as a partnership.   Students study the accounting cycle as it pertains to small business opportunities.  They work in a fully computerized laboratory to enhance their knowledge of payroll, financial statements, and merchandising business accounting a real life business simulation is used to enhance student understanding of merchandising. This course provides an excellent background for college-bound students who plan to major in accounting or other business fields

     1411 - Accounting 101 H (Financial Accounting) 
    Grades 11-12 | Credits: 5

    This accounting course is a full-year college-level course designed for juniors and seniors wishing to further their study in an accounting environment.  Students planning a career in business, plan on getting an MBA, to owning and operating a business, would do well to take this college-level course.  The course covers the accounting cycle from the recording and analyzing of procedures through the summarizing procedures and preparation of general-purpose financial statements.  An introduction to accounting for corporations is also presented with emphasis on the capital structure of the corporation. Accounting I & Accounting II are NOT prerequisites for Accounting 101. [D]

     1408 - Business and Consumer Law
    Grades 10-12 | Credits: 2.5

    In Business and Consumer Law, students will learn about the basic issues of our legal system that relate to everyday living.   Topics explored include how to buy and insure a vehicle, warranty protection, personal property law, and bailments.  Students will learn what business and consumer law is and how it applies to them.   The students will investigate current law cases and terminology, as well as have the opportunity to research legal issues on the Internet.  Information learned in this semester-long course will prove useful to students as they move through life as consumers.

     1409 - Entrepreneurship
    Grades 10-12 | Credits: 2.5

    In Entrepreneurship, students will learn what is involved to start and operate a successful business. Students will discuss current events as they relate to the ideas and concepts of starting their own business. This is a hands-on, activity-based course in which students formulate a business plan and learn how new businesses are created.  Throughout this course, we will study and analyze what leads to the success and failure of various business ventures.

     1410 - Sports and Entertainment Marketing
    Grades 10-12 | Credits: 2.5

    Welcome to the world of sports and entertainment marketing; an area of the economy in the USA, which is extremely interesting, lucrative and important to many.  There are literally billions of dollars spent each year in this industry dealing with sports figures, teams, apparel licensing, broadcasting, and advertising of common household products.  This course is geared to students with an interest in this area for possible career paths or for the student who just wants a background in marketing for personal use.  The course will cover areas such as public relations, event and stadium management, labor relations, advertising, and looking at sponsorship agreements with professional athletes. A field trip to a newer stadium or arena will be offered to show students the revenue potential of a stadium or arena.

     1419 - International Business and Politics – H 
    Grades 10-12 | Credits: 2.5
    This course is offered for students who are interested in global economics and international trade. Discussions include current events in domestic and international politics on a daily basis. Among the topics covered are global trade/import, political and cultural influences on the business climate, trading blocs, trade agreements, intellectual property.   Energy topics will be delivered through an exciting weeklong energy summit.  Foreign currency exchange, along with global giants such as the WTO, IMF will be analyzed. Computer research assists students in solving problems and simulations associated with the complex world of global trade and economic interdependence. [N]