•  Physical Education Courses
    East Brunswick Public Schools Course Catalog | 2021-2022

    Churchill Junior High School Courses

     2728 - 8th Grade Physical Education Semester
    Credits: 2.5

    The eighth-grade physical education program offers a variety of team, lifetime sports, and physical fitness activities.   During each unit, there is an emphasis on teaching the fundamentals of each sport/activity, sportsmanship/teamwork, rules, and basic strategies. Physical fitness is also an integral part of the program and includes aerobic and anaerobic exercises.  Physical education is taken five days a week for a semester. The other half of the year the students will take health. Developmental or adapted physical education is also available to students with special needs.

     2726 - 9th Grade Physical Education Semester
    Credits: 2.5

    Ninth grade Physical Education is an elective program that allows students to select activities they may be interested in learning more about.  Class meets five days a week during the semester they are scheduled for Physical Education, the other semester is coupled with health in most cases. Their curriculum includes team sports such as basketball, volleyball, and handball and individual sports include badminton, golf, and social dance.  During each unit, there is an emphasis on the teaching of the fundamentals, rules, sportsmanship, and basic sports strategies.  Fitness is also an emphasis and includes aerobic and anaerobic exercises as well as testing.  Developmental or adaptive physical education is also available to students with special needs.  

    East Brunswick High School Courses

     1724 - Grades 10-12 Physical Education 3 quarters
    Credits: 3.75

    Physical education for grades 10-12 is an elective program that allows students to select classes that they may be interested in learning more about.  The selections are divided into lifetime sports, team sports, and physical fitness units.  The students will meet five days a week during the 3 quarters they are scheduled for Physical Education.  The 4th quarter will be health. 

    Lifetime sports incorporate a wide range of activities that students can use throughout life including teamwork, cooperation, and problem-solving.  Instructional units include fundamental skills, tournament play, and motivating students to participate on their own to help develop lifelong fitness and wellness.  Team sports emphasize the skills, strategy, and rules of the game.  Intangibles such as teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship are promoted in all units taught.   Physical fitness consists of individual programs, group activities, and physical fitness assessments.

    Another component of the physical education program is developmental/adaptive physical education. This course is focused on fine and gross motor skill development as well as fitness and socialization skills through various sports activities.  This course is concentrated for students with special needs.

     1738 - Grades 10-12 Dance 3 quarters
    Credits: 3.75

    Dance is a full-year program that varies from ballet to pop.  This course is scheduled as a separate component and receives the same graduation requirements as the physical education course.  Physical fitness is also emphasized during dance classes, as well as skill components related to multiple different styles of dance. 

    ***These courses meet five days per week during their 3 quarter of Physical education and are pulled out the fourth quarter for Health.