The College Pathways programs allows for students to earn college credits through Middlesex College while in High School.  

Credit Pathways



    There are two pathways for earning college credit in High School. 

    Pathway 1: High School Scholars

    The High School Scholars Program is for students to earn college credit for a course that they meet the pre-requsite for at Middlesex College. Students cannot earn High School credit for a course taken through this pathway.  


    • Students must be 15 years of age or older

    • Can take up to 8 college credits

    • Cost is $135 per course

    • If you are a grade 9 student interested in Chemistry Honors or a High School student interested in AP Biology, please click here
    • Application Required. Information on the application is sent out in September for the Fall and February for the Spring. 

    Pathway 2: Dual Enrollment 

    The Dual Enrollment Program is for students to earn college credit for High School courses that they take at East Brunswick High School. Students earn both college and High School credit for these courses.  


    • Students must be enrolled in an eligible course. 

    • There is no limit on the number of credits a student can take. 

    • Cost is $135 per course. 

    • Students must have a “C” or better in course for credit.

    Students can use a combination of both pathways above to maximize their college credits in high school. 

    For a more detailed overview of the Dual Enrollment and High School Scholars program, and information on Options for the AP and Dual Enrollment courses, please continue below. 

    For a full list of Dual Enrollment courses and their East Brunswick course equivalents and a planning guide to maximize credits in High School, please click here: https://www.ebnet.org/Page/13818

    For the Dual Enrollment application process, please click here: https://www.ebnet.org/Page/13820. 

    For the High School Scholars' Program application process, please click here: https://www.ebnet.org/Page/14491. 

    For transcript and Syllabus Requests, please click here: https://www.ebnet.org/Page/14492

    To determine if courses are transferable to other universities, please click here: https://www.ebnet.org/Page/14516.



If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • For more information regarding Dual Enrollment Eligible AP Courses, please click here

    Regarding Dual Enrollment and Final Exams, please see district Policy #2624, as outlined below:

    Seniors who have an average of A- or higher by the end of the fourth marking period for a full year course or both marking periods of a semester course and have a fourth marking period grade of B or higher, will be exempt from taking the final examination in the course. The final grade value for the course will be the composite of the pupil’s performance for the four marking periods and the midterm examination. The final grade for semester course will be the composite of the two marking period grades. Seniors who by this rule are exempt from taking the final examination may, however, opt to take the exam.



    Benefits of High School Scholar and Dual Enrollment Programs

    • Cost

      • For comparison, at Middlesex County College, one credit costs $178.50 per credit. For a three-credit course, this would be $535.50 for one semester. At Rutgers, each credit is $441.00 per credit for part time tuition. For a three-credit course, this would be $1,323.00 per course. 

      • Through Dual Enrollment, it is $135 per course - regardless of the number of credits. 

    • Course Transferability

      • The majority of courses can be transferred to other institutions. Confirmation of your specific course can be found by utilizing the website here: https://www.njtransfer.org/. 

    • Flexibility

      • Students can take as many credits as they are interested in. Some students take three credits (the minimum) while other students can earn an associate's degree. 

    • Introductory Course Requirements
      • Courses taken through the Dual Enrollment Program often cover the introductory requirements in college. 


    • Students can use a combination of the High School Scholar Program and Dual Enrollment to maximize the credits they can earn over their high school career. 

    Please note: A student's Individualized Education Plan will not be impacted by the Dual Enrollment Program. Students will still be entitled to all modifications and accommodations in their courses.


    For more information regarding courses, the application process, planning for credits, transcript and syllabus requests, please click the plus sign (+) located on the left side of the screen under EBHS/MC College Pathways Program. For more information about the program itself, please view the video above.