•  AP Coordinator:  Mrs. Jennifer Lipariti, jennifer.lipariti@ebnet.org
    AP Exam Registration will open on Wednesday, September 20th!
    AP Exam Fee: $103 per exam
    AP Research and AP Seminar Exam Fee: $140 
    How to Register for an AP Exam:
    Registration for an AP Exam involves two essential steps, both of which must be completed for your exam to be processed:
    1. Joining AP Classroom: This step indicates your intent to take the exam and is where the physical exam is ordered from. Your teacher will provide you with the join code for your specific class section.
    2. Total Registration: Total Registration is the online payment system used to pay for your AP Exams. Please follow the steps to pay for your exam in Total Registration and submit. 
    It's important to note that without completing both of these steps, your test will not be processed.
    Please refer to the PDF Guide.
    If you need further assistance, please contact Mrs. Jennifer Lipariti, AP Coordinator.