Preguntas Frecuentes- Frequently Asked Questions

Preguntas Frecuentes

  • Do I give a lot of homework?

    I do sometimes give homework but it will usually not take more than 5 minutes to complete.   If a student does not finish an specific assignment during class time, he/she might be asked to finish it for homework and submit the next day.  If no homework is assigned, students are expected to review their notes and content introduced that day or week. 


    Do I speak English in class?

    Most of the class is taught in Spanish. Students are encouraged to try to speak and ask questions in Spanish. During the beginning of the year, students will be allowed to use English to express certain concerns or ask questions they may have after they have raised their hands and asked permission to do so. Towards the middle and remainder of the year, the class will be conducted solely in Spanish.


    Why do you talk to the students only in Spanish?

    The immersion experience is effective. Students are able to practice talking in Spanish exclusively and they gain confidence communicating with each other and possibly a native speaker.


    What is your e-mail address?


    How is homework announced?

    It is written in Spanish on the homework board or listed on my Teacher  Webpage under 'tarea-home enrichment¨


    I don't know Spanish. How can I help my child?

    Daily review of your child's agenda is a good place to start. Even if there is no homework, ask to see their notes, make flashcards with them showing pictures on one side and the Spanish word on the other, invest in a Spanish-English dictionary for school and home or use word reference online.

    Above all else, show enthusiasm for the language. Take an interest in what they are learning in Spanish and encourage them to help you learn some things they learned that day. It will mean a lot more to them than you think and will give your child a valuable opportunity to practice their fluidity and gain more confidence learning a second language.  Encourage your child to review their notes, make flashcards or make/review a quizlet set of vocabulary. Suggest your child to call or text a friend who also takes spanish and use the language..

    Are students assigned a textbook?

    Students are not assigned nor follow a textbook. Students will be given google slides presentation notes uploaded on google classroom. Students may print and keep a hard copy for them to review at home or jot down specific notes. 

    What can my child do when he/she is out of school?

    Students are responsible for making up any missing assignments and checking google classroom under classwork tab.


    Can parents be added to their child's Google Classroom?

    Only students can be added to a  teacher's  google classroom.  Parents may monitor and sign up to receive weekly reports on their child's progress on their google classroom classes.