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    My name is Ashley Rose and I am the Student Assistance Specialist at Memorial Elementary School. I received my Masters in School Counseling from Monmouth University and have been working in East Brunswick since 2013. I worked at Hammarskjold Middle School from 2013-2018 as a School Counselor. 

    I have been working as the Student Assistance Specialist at Memorial Elementary School since 2018. As the Student Assistance Specialist I work with all students Pre-K to 5th grade. My role as the Student Assistance Specialist is to assist students with their academic, emotional/personal and social development. I advocate for my students and work collaboratively with parents, teachers and administrators.

    See below for a break down of services provided through the Student Assistance Department:


    • Individual Counseling :
      • Students may be seen for needs/concerns academically, behaviorally, emotionally or socially.
    • Group Counseling : 
      • Needs assessments are done throughout the year and groups are run based on student needs. Some examples of groups that have been run in the past are Social Skills, Divorce, Problem Solving, Friendship, Stress/Anxiety.
    • Classroom Lessons :
      • In grades K-1 I teach a Social and Emotional Learning cirriculum called 'Superflex'. Additionally, classroom lessons are provided in grades K-5 to address social and/or behavioral issues that come up in the classroom environment.
    • School Wide Programs :
      • Memorial School recognizes positive behavior through our 'Memorial Hero' Program. This is run for the entire school year. During the school year we celebrate Respect Week, Peace Week, Kindness Week, Autism Awareness Month, Diversity Day and Career Day. These different events throughout the school year are meant to promote a positive school climate.
    • 504 Coordinator :
      • Students who have been diagnosed with a disability or medical condition from a licensed physician may be eligible for services through Section 504. Please contact me to discuss any concerns you have for your child.
    • Anti-Bullying Specialist :
      • East Brunswick has a zero tolerance policy for bullying. Every school building has an assigned Anti-Bullying Specialist to invesitgate reported incidents of suspected bullying. If you believe your child has experienced a bullying situation please contact me to further discuss the incident that happened to your child.