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    Ms. Nicole DeStefano
    Chittick Elementary School 
    5th Grade - Integrated Language Arts & Social Studies
    Hello 5th Grade! Many of you know me already as Ms. Dee.
    I have been a teacher here at Chittick School for 18 years.
    After 11 years in 4th grade and 6 years in 2nd grade,
    I have been promoted to 5th grade!!! I am so excited to spend
    the year with my new group of students - hearing their stories,
    listening to their ideas, and laughing together.
    When I'm not in school, I'm either spending time on the soccer field
    with my son, Vincent, working on some garden project in the yard,
    relaxing with a great book in my reading room, crotcheting, or just
    having fun with my family and friends.