• Over recent years, the following systems and processes were put in place to support sustainability.  



    • All district copier/printer paper purchased is recycled
    • Papercut system in place to allow for centralized printing and cloud-based scanning for a reduction in printing.
    • Report cards are processed electronically through the parent portal.
    • Parent forms, emergency information, and consents are being done electronically.
    • Docusign used for technology acceptance agreements.

     Child Nutrition

    • Developing a plan to reduce the use of plastic in foodservice
    • Reducing the number of trays used at CJHS and EBHS - using paper plates and serving “boats” in their place
    • Overall reduction in the number of lunch trays used throughout the district
    • Elimination of foam trays at all schools - using eco-friendly trays in their place
    • Reducing the use of plastic containers - using bags (plastic and paper) in their place.

    Curriculum & Instruction

    • Curriculum documents are created and housed electronically; printed copies are no longer distributed.
    • Lesson plans and associated supervisor feedback is all done electronically.

    Financial Services

    • All employee payments are made via direct deposit, no more paper checks. Includes salary and reimbursements.
    • Pay stubs and tax information stored electronically. Employees can print, if needed, on-demand.
    • Processing of purchase orders is done electronically. Only the final copy is printed if needed to mail to the vendor.
    • Online registration and payment for all clubs, activities, and sports.
    • Secondary schools use check scanning technology to eliminate the need to transport checks to the bank.

    Human Resources

    • All applications are completed, collected and routed online in Applitrack
    • Group interviews and collaborative efforts are done online via Google Docs and Office365.
    • Staff notifications, such as RICE letters are done via email.
    • The employee handbook is distributed online.
    • Staff acknowledgments are done electronically via Docusign.

    Information Technology

    We have developed new systems specifically to eliminate the need for paper, as well as sending the associated document via inter-office mail:

    • System to request, approve, and process field trips
    • System to request, approve, and process professional development, including an online catalog for offerings.

    Instructional Technology

    • 1:1 initiative has allowed for a significant reduction in paper. Since every student grades 10 through 12 has a laptop, documents are electronic. This aids us in our effort for a 'paper-free' classroom.
    • All printer cartridges are recycled.

    Special Education

    • IEPs and Progress Reports are shared electronically (formerly needed seven copies of a 30-page long document)
    • Important annual documents are shared via email 
    • Parent Access is used for ESY registration and Medicaid consent

     Superintendent’s Office 

    • Summer mailings are done via e-mail
    • Student Information Forms are completed electronically through Parent Access / Genesis
    • Blackboard Connect and Electronic Backpacks are utilized for communication purposes
    • Centralized student registration utilizes an electronic pre-registration platform
    • EBEF and PTA applications have migrated to an electronic platform since 2017

     Support Operations

    • Use of energy management system to control HVAC. Reduces the use of electricity and gas in unoccupied rooms
    • Energy Savings Initiatives Program  
    • Replacement of district-wide lighting with energy-efficient long-life LED lights; Reduces the number of light bulbs placed in landfills
    • Decrease in electricity usage
    • Solar Project - Solar panels to be installed at five buildings in the district 
    • Cleaning supplies utilize reusable dispensers and bottles. 
    • Replaced windows and doors at Chittick and Irwin.
    • Replaced unit ventilators in elementary schools.