Charter School Registration


    Student and parent/legal guardian must reside in East Brunswick at the time of registration.  (Anticipated new home closings or future leases will not be accepted.

    East Brunswick Proof of Residency Requirements for Registration

    • A Deed or current mortgage statement (for homeowners) OR entire current lease (for renters) in the name of parent/guardian.
    • A minimum of two different utility bills, currently dated (within 30 days), which include parent/guardian's name and reflect an East Brunswick address are required. (i.e. gas, electric, cable, water/sewer, etc.)
      • Confirmation of utility service or printed online statements are acceptable and must be presented at the time of registration.  If you have just moved to your East Brunswick home, you have 30 days to provide current utility bills. 
    • Registrants who do not own or lease their own home, but are domiciled with a valid East Brunswick resident must complete a residency form and affidavit to be submitted to the Assistant Superintendent's office.  This process must be completed prior to student registration.  If you live with an East Brunswick resident, please call 732-613-6751 for information.

    Required Student Records 

    • Student's birth certificate or other proof of identity.
    • If transferring from a public school in New Jersey, a NJ Transfer Card must be provided

  • Please review all instructions below.  The registration office can be contacted at 732-613-6980 if you have questions.

    Two-Step Registration Process - ALL MUST BE COMPLETED FOR EACH STUDENT

    Step 1:  Pre-Register EACH student


    Step 2: Compile additional documentation and print registration packets

    Print and complete the correct registration packet using the links below - SINGLE SIDED COPIES ONLYA Registration packet is required for each child you wish to register. Compile all additional required documents on the registration checklist.  ALL DOCUMENTS AND COMPLETED REGISTRATION PACKETS MUST BE DROPPED OFF AT THE ADMINISTRATION BUILDING.



    • Student registration will NOT take place in person.
    • There are no phone/zoom meetings for student registration.  You will be contacted VIA EMAIL with further instructions about submitting registration paperwork. 
    • Please keep in mind that in the event of delayed opening, early closing or school cancellation due to inclement weather, the Administration Building will also be closed. This information will be posted to our website.