Make your own BREATHING WAND!


    Mindful Mondays

    Breathing Wand 'upcycle' craft


    If you're here on my teacher page then you must be interested in learning how to make your own breathing wand out of ordinary materials that you most likely have around your home.  This is what you will need:

    1. Cardboard toilet paper or paper towel roll

    2. Scissors and tape

    3. Ribbon or tissue paper (I used some that came with a gift someone sent me)

    4.  Wrapping paper (I used some from a gift someone sent me), paint, markers, stickers, or anything else you would like to use to decorate your wand.



    1. Cut off the top (about an inch thick) of the toilet paper or paper towel roll and set aside.
    2. Decorate the roll with paint, markers, stickers, wrap it in scrap paper, etc.
    3. Tape strands of thin light ribbon or tissue paper along the inside of the small ring you cut off earlier.
    4. Tape the ring on top of the thinner roll to make the wand.
    5.  Holding the wand up to your mouth, BREATHE in through your nose and out through your mouth.  What do you notice?


    Breath in through your nose and out through your mouth.

    Mindful Breathing Wand