• Vocabulary

     Each week students will receive vocabulary words that will be taught, discussed, and reviewed in class. Vocabulary will be taught on Mondays, reviewed on Wednesdays, and assessed on Fridays (unless noted otherwise). Students will receive a copy of their vocabulary words each week, but they can also be found here. Please make sure to keep your words and all assessments in a safe place (binder or folder), they will be needed throughout and at the end of the school year!


    Week of November 11th 

    differentiate- to tell the differences two things "carry" or bear between them

     fertilizer- a substance spread over or put onto soil to make plants grow and bear fruit better

    inference- a conclusion that has been drawn, or "carried in", from something known or assumed by a process of reasoning

     reference- a source of information or help, something to which you can literally "carry back" to your attention

    deport- The prefix de means "remove". Deport means to "carry away" (remove) someone from a country.

    opportunity- circumstances that carry a good chance for success

    porter- someone who carries luggage or other loads

    portfolio- a set of drawings or documents carried in a case

    transcribe- The root word scribe means "write." To transcribe is to write something over, or go "across," from one from to another.

    translate- to chance from one language "across" into another

    transmission- act or process of sending or passing "across" something from one person, thing, or place, to another

    transparent- letting light through, "across" from one side to another, so that things on the other side can be distinctly seen




    Week of October 14th 

    acrophobia- The Greek akros means "at the top". Acrophobia is a fear of "the top" or heights. 

    aerophobia- Aero means "of the air". Someone with aerophobia would be afraid to take a balloon ride.

    agoraphobia- an abnormal fear of open, public places

    arachnophobia- an abnormal fear of spiders. In Greek mythology, Athena changed a woman named Arachne into a spider.

    claustrophobia- an irrational fear of being closed in

    technophobia- a fear or dislike of technology, especially computers

    economic- having to do with producing, distributing, and consuming goods and services

    futuristic- of or like the future, or a time yet to come

    genetic- Genetic has to do with genes, which are part of chromosomes in the human body, and the origin of things, often among family members.

    historic- having to do with history

    organic- havign to do with being natural' free of pesticides and chemicals

    tragic- having to do with a sad, dreadful, or terrible event