• Congratulations to the teachers below whose grants were recently approved (summer, September, and October 2019)

    Mini Grants:

    • Bucket Drumming, Warnsdorfer
      Renee Soccodato
      Funding allows for the purchase of buckets and drum sticks. Bucket drumming has become a very popular form of making music. One of the benefits of these circles is that the level of ability among students is almost irrelevant. Students of all abilities are able to perform the same task successfully. The use of buckets can enhance the curriculum in that it provides new and unique opportunities for students to play music outside the manner in which the sound is typically produced by instruments. This allows students to experience improvisation through extended techniques.

    • Accessible Aerobics for All Students, EBHS
      Debbie Mangino
      This grant will allow teachers to project directions, play sample videos, stream workouts online, post student exemplars, and open the class up to more interactivity through Canvas. Important and relevant opportunities for discussion about healthy and productive workout practices will abound.

    • Reaching the Reluctant Reader, Churchill Junior High School
      Christine Sulva/Elizabeth Kaplan/Lauren LeClair
      Grant funds will allow teachers to update the independent reading library in the basic skills classroom at CJHS, thus allowing reluctant readers easy access to texts featuring characters that they can relate to, diverse stories, stories that encourage them, and stories that they are excited to read. Having current best sellers at their fingertips will encourage a love for reading in students that generally shy away from books as they practice the skills and strategies they have worked on in group lessons.

    • Settlers of Catan, Churchill Junior High School
      Patrick Woerner
      The goal of this grant is to provide students with a learning experience that will also help them grasp and apply complex concepts of history, economics, and the ways in which geography affects destiny. The grant will allow for the purchase of 23 copies of the game, “Settlers of Catan,” so that 80-90 students can play it at once. The project will involve 4 phases that include both pre and post writing experiences, simulations, and an in-school field trip during which time students will play the game.

    • Morning Bins, JeanMarie Rinaldi/Shannon Poquette/Wendy Tepper/Kristen Nestlerode/Carly Offin at Chittick: Grant funds will allow for the creation of 25 bins containing various hands-on, multi-sensory activities for Chittick’s 2nd grade students to interact with for 7-10 minutes daily as part of the morning meeting.

    • Assessing the Language Needs of Diverse Learners, Irwin
      Alexa Sherman
      Funding for this grant will provide new assessment materials that will be used in the speech and language evaluation process. Materials being purchased include the Functional Communication Profile, Test of Problem Solving, and the Social Language Development Test.  These tools will make it possible for students to be assessed in a more specific, individualized manner, thus ensuring that areas of need are identified and accurate goals for future growth are established.

    • Turning 15 in the Age of Freedom Play, Churchill Junior High School
      Kristen Ferrara/Craig Segall
      Tickets to the play, “Turning 15 on the Road to Freedom,” at the State Theater will be purchased with funds from this grant. Students will be able to connect their classroom curriculum with the play to develop a deeper and more personal understanding of the 14th Amendment.

    • Badum Ts: Electric Beats in Concert, Hammarskjold Middle School
      Zachary Gates/Joshua Becker/Jamie Di Siena
      This grant will allow for the purchase of an electronic drum that will enhance performances for any music department event taking place at the JMPAC that requires drums.

    First Lady:

    • Teaching Special Thinkers the Language for Thinking and Learning, Central
      Ariella Fekete/Kathleen Vargas/Kristy Sheridan/Andrew Scala (SPED/Autism)
      This grant allowed for the purchase of The Language for Thinking and Language for Learning programs to be used in all of the self-contained Autism classes at Central. Language for Learning provides the building blocks of listening and reading comprehension by teaching the language of instruction.  Language for Thinking is an expansion of the skills and concepts taught in Language for Learning, focusing largely on the generalization of language skills.

    • Rooted in Learning, Warnsdorfer
      Joann Yonchiuk/Lisa Ruggiero/Marsha Schneider/Kelly Stalling/Amanda Lorfing 
      The goal of this grant is to introduce 5th grade students to aeroponics, sustainable farming, gardening and conservation methods that will spearhead a lifetime of globally beneficial and responsible habits. Through the use of a Tower Garden, a vertical, hydroponic growing system, students will grow vegetables, herbs and flowers in the comfort of the indoors.

    • Stem-It! Stem-It! Stem-It Good!, Central
      Michele Sperduto, Katie Fabiano, Allie Pimentel
      This grant will provide funding for teachers to create learning/play centers for kindergarten students that encourage imagination through STEM learning. The materials in the centers will lead students to discover more about their world through everyday experiences. Through building and sensory experiences, students will be encouraged to ask questions, observe, and explain their ideas in order to enhance the development of discovery.