• About The Teacher

    Student Assistance Specialist: Mrs. Laurie Eitel , MSW, LCSW Student Assistance Specialist

    SCHOOL: Chittick Elementary School

    Phone: SCHOOL PHONE: 613-6638

    Your child's Student Assistance Specialist:
    -provides individual and supportive group counseling
    -provides classroom lessons and activities to support our character 
      education program
    -is available to meet with parents
    -helps students develop a positive feeling about themselves and others 
    -helps students develop problem-solving techniques and coping skills
    How can students see the Student Assistance Specialist?
    -Students may ask their teacher to make an appointment.
    -Students may write a note requesting to meet with the Student Assistance 
      Specialist and put it in the mailbox hanging outside my office.
    -Parents may request that I meet with their child.
    -A teacher may suggest a meeting to a student
    -The Student Assistance Specialist may invite a student to a meeting.
    How does the Student Assistance Specialist help your child's teacher?
    -Consult on student's individual needs
    -Help to establish a positive learning environment
    -Help in the development of educational strategies through I & RS committees
    Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions or concerns. :)