• Reading Workshop


    We just finished our nonfiction reading unit and are starting to look at characters in our stories in our upcoming unit. We are going to be using different elements from the book like illustrations, covers, dialogue, and more to learn more about our characters. This will lead us into actually acting out and portraying our characters by doing a reader's theatre in small groups very soon. 

    Writing Workshop

    Unit 3: Opinion Writing- Reviews

    Last week we finished writing our nonfiction books and we were able to celebrate with Mrs. Conway's class on Friday. This unit, we are going to start opinion writing by writing reviews. We have requested that students bring in 5 similar toys, that are not the same. This is because they are eventually going to choose one of the five toys as their favorite toy and have to defend it. If your child has not yet brought their 5 items in yet, please send it as soon as possible. 



    Please note that the Unit 4 test is going to be this Wednesday! After, we are going to have our cumulative test for this unit. The cumulative test is to see what students have retained from the previous units because these are fundational skills that we want them to keep. If you did not get a self assessment sheet, please check your emails. If you want another hard copy, please let me know and I will send them home. 


    Unit 2: Sound and Light

    In this unit, we are going to be investigating the phenomena of sound and light. We are going to look further into the causes of both and what the effects of changing a few elements along the way can have to them.

    This week: 

    We are going to investigate what makes or causes sounds. We are going to learn that vibration causes sound! If you are at home and have a stereo on or feel vibrating coming from any sound system, let your children feel and explain to you what is happening!

    Social Studies

    Unit 2

    This week: 

    We are going to look at the different bodies of water (ocean, lakes, rivers) and different types of landforms.