• Throughout the year, students will work to produce several writing pieces. Some of these pieces may be timed while others may be published over the course of a unit. Just like a running record tracks reading levels, students' writing (all pieces) are scored out of the same categories no matter the type of genre that they are writing. This will allow students to become familiar with expectations and they will use the same writing progression to improve their skills all year. Below you will find information regarding benchmarks:
               MP 1                                MP 2                                         MP 3                                      MP 4 
             Grade 7                          Grade 7                              Grade 7                                    Grade 7
          (NARRATIVE)                   (INFORMATIONAL)            (ARGUMENTATIVE)                   (NARRATIVE)
         BG=  13                              BG= 13                                  BG= 13                               BG= 14
         AG=  14                              AG= 14                                 AG= 14                               AG= 15
         MG=  15                             MG= 15/16                            MG= 15/16                          MG= 16
         EG=   16                             EG= 17                                  EG= 17                               EG= 17
      *BG= Below grade level expectations
       AG= Approaching grade level expectations
       MG= Meeting grade level expectations
       EG= Exceeding grade level expectations