Course Expectations 2019-20

  • Expectations:

    • Come to class prepared with all materials.
    • Be on time and in your seat by the bell working on the Do Now independently.
    • Be respectful to everyone and everything in the classroom.
    • NO gum, candy, food, or drink (including water) is allowed in the classroom.
    • No applying fragrances of any kind in the classroom due to serious allergies.
    • Turn in work on time. Make sure it is complete. Late work will be penalized.
    • Utilize an agenda to record assignments.
    • Be alert and follow all safety rules during lab activities.
    • Keep binder up-to-date.
    • Work must be neat and legible.
    • NO cell phones are to be out during class unless teacher allows for an assignment/activity.


    Absences and Missed Work:

    • If you miss class, it is YOUR responsibility to find out what work you missed.
    • ALL work missed due to absence must be made up. Extra help is available.
    • You must schedule make-ups with the teacher. If you do not make up the work, you will receive a zero for the assignment.
    • Work that is late for any reason other than an excused absence will be penalized 10% per day late. Work more than four days late will receive a zero, but still must be submitted. Exception: If an assignment is reviewed in class or returned prior to your completion, you must submit it but will not receive credit for that assignment.


    Materials Required for Science:

    • 1.5 inch three ring binder (for science class only)                       
    • #2 pencils        
    • pens
    • loose leaf paper            
    • 12 colored pencils                            
    • metric ruler (30 cm)       
    • 10 separate clear plastic sleeves           
    • highlighter


    Grading Policy:

    • All work is graded on a point system and weighted as follows: tests and quizzes 45%, class work and lab work 30%, quarterly 15% and homework 10%.


    Reaching Mr. Jasko, Mrs. Gorman or Mrs. Walker:

    • E-mail:, or