• Birthdays:

    Please note that we cannot celebrate birthdays with food.
    If your child chooses to celebrate his/her birthday in school, he/she may bring in a non-edible treat (bookmark, sticker, eraser, pencil, etc.) for every student in the class.
    Your child may also decide to donate a 'Birthday Book' to our classroom library for students to read. Another birthday option, is to donate a school appropriate game for indoor recess (Scrabble Junior, Checkers, Uno, Pictionary, etc.)
    We will still sing “Happy Birthday" and make the celebration special for your child. 
    If your child chooses to send invitations out in school, please make sure that all students in the class are invited. Otherwise, invitations may not be handed out in school if it is only for a few friends. 
    Change in Dismissal: 
    If your child will be leaving other than how he/she usually goes home, please send in a written note with the date and the best way to reach you to notify us of the change. Another way that you can notify us in the change of dismissial is by calling the office. They will notify me of the change before the end of the day. 
    We will have snack everyday in the afternoon. Please send in a healthy snack for your child. Please remember that we are a nut-free class!