• My name is Mrs. Karen Famiglietti, (pronounced with a silent letter g; ask your children; they know!)

    For the school year 2019-20, I teach art education at Central Elementary School and at Chittick Elementary School.  I live in East Brunswick with my husband and son.  We have been in the district for quite a while; my son attended school at Frost Elementary, Hammarskjold, Churchill and the High School.  I have been involved in the district for many years as a parent volunteer and as a substitute teacher.

     I value Art Education as a necessity to your child’s overall elementary school education. 

    Art education can help children

    • enhance their creativity,
    • organize their experiences and
    • manage their emotions.

    I am purposeful in my class assignments. Your child may sometimes bring artwork home that might look like a simple drawing or painting that is not of a realistic nature, but be assured that it has educational meaning.  I may be assessing how students are freely experimenting with materials, colors, a specific art element or design principle, or a certain concept.  Much of early art education is sensory exploration with materials and subject matters. 

    If you ever have any questions about your child’s artwork, please do not hesitate to contact me.  E-mail is the best way to initiate, then we can arrange to speak.  My email address is: karen.famiglietti@ebnet.org

    My Certifications are:

    • Teacher of Art in grades K-12, obtained through courses at Kean University and Middlesex County College.
    • Elementary School Teacher in grades K-6, obtained through a Masters degree program at Rider University.
    • Substitute Teacher in the East Brunswick School district for the past 10 years, and I currently can still substitute.
    • Bachelor of Science in Accounting, from Seton Hall University. (a former career of mine!)
    • Here I am with my artwork on display :) 

    Karen Famiglietti