• Can I purchase an instrument online?

    We advise you not to purchase when considering purchasing instruments from a discount chain or from internet dealers. Quite often these “no brand” instruments are of a poor quality and present problems for new students.  Please call or email us before making any purchases so that we can help you to make sure you are getting an instrument that will allow your child to succeed.

    I want to purchase an instrument instead of renting. What should I do?

    Please contact me to discuss purchasing options. I can help you find an instrument that is of good quality. Again, purchasing from large retail websites is not advised. 

    Will my child be able to switch to another instrument in the fifth grade?

    Students are not permitted to change instruments once they select one in the fourth grade. This is why we encourage students to think very carefully about which instrument they select.

    How does the strings schedule work?

    Students receive one 40-minute lesson each week on a designated lesson day. The schedule rotates weekly so that students are not missing the same subjects.  Lesson groups are usually between 5-9 students. Students must attend all lessons.

    Can I pick up my instrument over the summer?

    There is no need to pick up your instrument. If you rented from The Music Shop, they will bring your instrument to school sometime over the summer. It will be set up and ready for you at your first lesson in September.  If you rented elsewhere, you'll need to pick up the instrument and bring it with you to your first lesson.

    I'm so excited to start! When is my first lesson?

    Mrs. Franchino will visit your homerooms during the second week of September to distribute lesson schedules.  You should expect your first lesson to be sometime the following week.

     What should I do if I am absent on my lesson day?

    Talk to another student in your group to find out what you missed. You can also email me or check the weekly practice assignment on the website.

    How much should I practice?

    Practice really makes perfect! Students are expected to practice about 10-15 minutes a day. This is the minimum amount of practice time. You are always welcome to practice more!

    What should I do if I need extra help?

    Please let me know if you would like extra help! You can talk to me during class or send me an email. Usually, we can find a time either before school or during recess to work together.

    Help! I have a broken string.

    If you have a broken string and rent from The Music Shop, give them a call at 800-553-0633 and they will send another string to school.  If you rent from a different shop, give them a call to see what your options are.

    If you own an instrument and have a broken string, "D'Addario" strings are a quality choice for students. They can be purchased from most music shops, or on sharmusic.com.

    I would like to take private lessons. Who should I contact?

    Mrs. Franchino can provide you with a list of private teachers and music schools in our area.