• Expectations:

    • Come to class prepared with all materials.
    • Be on time and in your seat by the bell working on the Do Now independently.
    • Be respectful to everyone and everything in the classroom.
    • Refrain from bringing gum, fragrances, food, or drink (including water) to class.
    • Turn in work on time. Make sure it is complete. Late work will be penalized.
    • Work should be placed in the bin located in the front of the classroom.
    • Be alert and follow all safety rules during lab activities.
    • Keep binder up-to-date and check Moodle for online copies of material used in class.
    • Keep work neat and thorough.


    Materials Required: *needed everyday in class

    • Binder specific for science class*
    • Writing Utensil (Pens/Pencils with erasers)*
    • Loose leaf paper*
    • 12 colored pencils          
    • Highlighter(s)
    • Metric ruler  
    • 10 plastic sleeves     
    • sticky notes


    Grading Policy: All work is graded on a point system and weighted as follows:

    • Tests and quizzes - 45%
    • Classwork/Labs/Projects - 45%
    • Homework - 10%

    Absences and Missed Work:

    • If you miss class, it is your responsibility to pick up work you missed.
    • Absent work can be found in class folder in absentee center.
    • All work missed due to absence must be made up.
    • You must schedule test and quiz make-ups with the teacher within 2 days of the absence. If you do not make up the work, you will receive a zero for the assignment.
    • Labs and projects that are late for any reason other than an excused absence will be penalized 10% per day late.
    • Any work that was due during absence must be turned in upon return to school.


    Homework Policy:

    • The assigned homework is meant to reinforce what the students have learned in class or to prepare them for the next day’s lesson.
    • It is important that homework is turned in on time.
    • Homework assignments will be accepted late, but with a 10% deduction for each day it is late. IMPORTANT - if the answers to the homework are gone over in class this policy is no longer in effect and late work will not be accepted.


    Extra Help: I am happy to provide extra help. See me so that we can schedule a time to meet.




    • A textbook will be assigned to your student to keep at home for the year. They will have access to a copy to use in the classroom.



    Common Assessment:

    • Grades will be posted online on Parent Access.
    • Tests will be returned to students.
    • Quarterly assessments will not be returned to students.