• What to Expect:

     Expect to be challenged! 8th grade is an exciting year full of opportunities. All you have to do is take advantage of them! 

    Expect to be respected! As a student and as an individual, you will always feel respected. That being said, if you are being respected it is also your responsibility to respect your peers and teachers.

     Expect to read! You might not always like what we read, but don’t worry we will find the perfect book for you!

    Expect to learn! This year you will learn about yourself, your school, and your peers. The world is constantly changing, school is constantly changing. Get ready to learn!

     Expect to be YOU! You are in control of how you act and how you react. Be who you want to be! Be yourself. You are unique and you were made to be in this classroom. I expect nothing less than your best! Show me what you've got!