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    Churchill Jr. High School is joining with East Brunswick High School in asking students to volunteer their time through community service. The concept itself is certainly not new because over the years, in reviewing student activity sheets, I have seen the commitment made by our students. Upon completion of high school, students who participated in this project will have their community service listed on their official transcript that is sent to colleges for admission.

    The number of hours required is fifteen (15). The Community Service Project will be open to all students in grades 9 - 12. Those students who are interested in volunteering their time are asked to pick up a Community Service Packet. They may pick this packet up from the Counseling/Guidance Department or find it above on our website.

    Community Service Packet

    Goals for the Community Service Project

    • Develop a sense of citizenship  
    • Cultivate individual responsibility  
    • Cultivate a sense of social responsibility  
    • Build self worth and self esteem  
    • Bridge generation barriers  
    • Relate learning to life experience  
    • Encourage continuing community service after high school

    Procedures to Follow

    1. It is the responsibility of the student to find a placement with a Community Service Organization.
    2. Complete the “Request for Approval/ Parental Permission Form"
    3. Meet with your Guidance Counselor [by appointment]. You will receive notification as to time and place.
    4. Return form to your Guidance Counselor.
    5. Request for approval is to be done prior to beginning every new service. Although a meeting with the Guidance Counselor is only required before beginning your first service, a second or third meeting might be necessary prior to the beginning of any subsequent service.
    6. A written report and the Evaluation Form are to be submitted when completed with your 15 hours of service. The contents of this report will be discussed at the first meeting with the Guidance Counselor.
    7. Forms must be completed by May 15, 2020.