• Community Service

    The Churchill Jr. High School Community Service Program should foster the development of sound character, democratic values, ethical judgement, good behavior and the ability to work in a self-disciplined and purposeful manner. This experience is voluntary and altruistic in nature. It is founded on the notion that a democratic society depends upon responsible citizens to make rational decisions consistent with basic democratic values. Active experience and participation in the greater social community are essential.

    Ninth grade students are asked to volunteer their time to help those in need, for a minimum of 15 hours during the school year. By doing so, students are provided with an opportunity for measurable social commitment, increased self-esteem and heightened self-awareness.  Students can participate with parental permission and then choose from a number of service possibilities.  

    Students are not required to complete community service hours, but are encouraged to do so.  Students who complete at least 15 community service hours per year and submit all necessary paperwork will have their participation noted on their transcript.  This will be done for each year (9-12) that students participate in the program.  Students may begin earning community service hours towards the 2022-2023 school year starting on the first day of summer vacation.

    Community Service 24-25

    Goals for the Community Service Project

    • Develop a sense of citizenship  
    • Cultivate individual responsibility  
    • Cultivate a sense of social responsibility  
    • Build self worth and self esteem  
    • Bridge generation barriers  
    • Relate learning to life experience  
    • Encourage continuing community service after high school

    Procedures to Follow

    1. It is the responsibility of the student to find a placement with a Community Service Organization.

    2. Complete the Request for Approval Form found in this packet and email it to your counselor. Students earning hours through Youth Council do not need to submit a Request for Approval Form. All Youth Council hours are pre-approved.

    3. Your counselor will then approve or deny your service request. Students may not begin earning community service hours until they have gotten an approved Request for Approval form from their counselor. Students may use multiple organizations to earn their hours, however, a new Request for Approval Form must be submitted, approved, and printed for each service organization used.

    4. Write a one-page reflection essay to include in this packet. The essay should describe the differences that community service has made in the student’s life and the life of others. Only one essay should be submitted regardless of the number of service organizations used.

    5. The timesheet and evaluation form must be completed and signed by the service organization. A copy of each form should be submitted for each service organization used.

    6. Community Service hours must be completed and all paperwork sent to the Counseling Office secretary by May 13, 2024. Paperwork must include approval forms(s), essay, hour log(s), and evaluation form(s). Students must earn a minimum of 15 hours per year in order to submit a community service packet. Students who earned all their community service hours through Youth Council only need to submit an essay to the Counseling Office; all other paperwork will be submitted by Youth Council.