• College and Career Readiness

    7th Grade Students will complete the Strengths Explorer Assessment. The Strengths Explorer Assessment identifies 10 talent themes for individuals and identifies each student’s three strongest emerging talents, such as confidence, dependability, or future thinker. It provides explanations of these themes, strategies for capitalizing on each, and action items to help students gain insight into their greatest talents – natural patterns of thought, feeling, and behavior – to leverage in the classroom and in life.  

    8th Grade Students will complete a Personality Assessment and Career Key Assessment. The Personality Assessment uses personality types to suggest careers and clusters that might be a good match for a student. The Career Key Assessment is an online career assessment for middle and high school students based on Holland's interest codes.  

    9th Grade Students will complete the Career Cluster Finder. The Career Cluster Finder is an online questionnaire that helps students discover career clusters that are most interesting to them.