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    Class Rules:

    #1 Come prepared and ready to work every day.

    #2 Food and drinks are not allowed for sanitary & health reasons.

    #3 Cell phones should not be seen or heard

    during the entire class period.

    #4 Bathroom trips are limited to the beginning of the class period.

    #5 Be respectful of your classmates, teacher, & yourself!


    Class Material:

    • Binder/Paper or Notebook *Please note there are a lot of handouts, so a binder might be better.
    • Pencils
    • Folder *Label right side “Assessments”
    • Graphing Calculator (TI-83 or TI-84)

    Extra Help:

    If you are having trouble, you must speak with me immediately. You also have access to the online textbook via your own sources, EBPL, and/or Media Center.  

    There will be after-school help sessions every

    Tuesday, Wednesday, & Thursday with Ms. Mercuagliano

    in room 110 from 2:15pm – 3:00pm.

    *This is not private tutoring, but rather a place to work on HW problems or have extra practice on content with a math teacher available to answer questions.



    • Homework will be found on the classroom slides and also on the class website.
    • Homework MUST be completed in pencil.
    • Each homework assignment will be checked for completion and effort for 2 points.
    • Homework grades will be put in on a weekly basis.
    • You are responsible for checking the answers to the odd-numbered problems in the back of the book.


    Policy for Absences:

    • If you are absent, you are responsible for completing your make-up work in a timely manner. *Homework is available on Google Classroom so you can keep current with the class.
    • Any class notes or homework sheets that you missed can be found in the appropriate day folder in the absent bin.
    • If you know you are going to be absent beforehand, you should ask me for your make-up work before the absence. This can be done before or after school or via e-mail.