Online Enrollment

  • This enrollment form is for parents of students who will be in 5th grade in the 2019-2020 school year. If your child is going into 4th grade, please wait until next June to complete this form.


    Please read the letter below, then click here to enroll your child!

    You can also enroll your child by returning their paper form to school.

    Dear Parent,

    Congratulations on joining the East Brunswick Band family! After consulting with your child, the instrument marked on the attached form has been determined to be the most appropriate for your child’s success.

    Band class meets as one weekly pull-out lesson on a rotating schedule during school hours. Students must also attend regular 8:00 AM band rehearsals, one after-school rehearsal, and three evening concerts. Dates will be sent home in September. Parents must arrange for transportation to events before and after school. Band students are expected to practice at home, and are graded on their work in Band class.

    To enroll your child in Band:

    1. Return the paper form or enroll your child online by June 10th.
    2. Obtain an instrument and book. The book is Accent on Achievement: Book 1. We also recommend purchasing a music stand.

    Please Note: Students who enroll in the Band program must stay enrolled for the entire school year.

    Renting an instrument (highly recommended)

    Renting is often the most cost-effective option. A good dealer will offer high-quality instrument brands. If you need brand recommendations, please contact your child's Band Director. Instruments often need repairs, which can be done easily through your rental company. Check with your dealer to see what exchanges and repairs are covered as part of a rental contract.

    Purchasing an instrument

    Please contact the Band Director before purchasing. The Band Director can guide you in finding a quality new or used instrument within your budget. Poor-quality instruments are frustrating to play and break easily. Instruments that are of good quality, brand new, and inexpensive do not exist; however, it is possible to find one that meets two out of three of those criteria. Never purchase an instrument from a vendor that will not allow you to return it. Many local shops will offer used beginning level instruments with some minor blemishes, but still in playable condition.

    We own an instrument already

    Ensure that the instrument your child will use is in good, working order. Please contact your child’s Band Director, who can evaluate the instrument and refer you to a reputable repair shop, if necessary. 

    We’ll see you at the first concert!