• Alternate Transportation - Dual Residence Students

    There may be instances where a Court has ordered a student's joint custody or dual residence. In such cases, the student may qualify for alternate transportation conditioned upon the student:

    • Meeting the legally established transportation eligibility requirements;
    • Meeting the established alternate transportation requirements.
    • Being domiciled in East Brunswick on a dual residence or joint/shared custody basis pursuant to a current Court Order.

    In addition, the alternate transportation site must be located within the established boundaries of the student's school of attendance as established by the District.

    To apply for alternate transportation, and in order to ensure the student's safety and security and that both parents are in agreement, the parents must apply by July 15, to be effective for the September school opening of that year.

    • Complete the Alternate Transportation Request for Dual Residence Students Form signed by both parents, attesting to their mutual request for this service and acceptance of the established schedule;
    • Submit the Court Order establishing the student's dual residence or joint/shared custody.  The document submitted must have the Court's raised seal; copies or reproductions will not be accepted;
    • If alternate transportation was requested in a prior year and the Court Order was provided to the Transportation Department at that time, then both parents must submit a signed certification attesting that the Court-ordered dual residence or joint/ shared custody is still in effect;
    • Present a consistent alternate transportation schedule of pick-up and/or drop-off locations that will remain in effecet for the entire school year for the student; and
    • Certify that they each agree to the established schedule and will abide by that schedule as specified.

    The parent will receive written notification of the determination on the request.  If approved, the alternate transportation arrangement may take up to five (5) school days following the approval to go into effect.  The alternate transportation arrangement will only be valid for the school year in which it was approved.