• Physical Education is a New Jersey State requirement for all students for graduation. 

    Any note excusing a student from Physical Education either partially or fully for a period of time must be from a Physician (MD, DO, APN, PA) and have a diagnosis with an anticipated end date. This date can be lengthened or shortened by the physician and new end date must be written on the note.

    Chiropractor and Physical Therapist notes are not accepted.

    Students not able to participate in Physcial Education for more than 5 weeks in a quarter will be given an alternate assignment to complete. This allows them to continue to get credit for the course while unable to participate. Exclusions/modifications longer than a marking period must be renewed every quarter.

    If an athlete is excused from Physical Education by a doctor, he/she MAY NOT participate in their sport until they are cleared by the Physician to return to Physical Education/ Sports without any restrictions.