• My child's schedule says they have lunch 4 then ILA periods 5-8. Why do they have 4 periods of ILA?

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    Our lunch periods are shortened periods 4, 6 & 8.  In order to accommodate schedules so all students have the same amount of time for class periods, we use periods 4/5, 5/6, 6/7, 7/8.  Regular period times pick up again for all students period 9.  You will find similar period schedules at Churchill & EBHS.

    For example:

    You child has lunch period 4 - 

    Their schedule will say period 4 - Lunch

    Period 5/6 - Class

    Period 7/8 Class


    Your child has lunch period 6 - 

    Their schedule will say period 4/5 - Class

    Period 6 - Lunch

    Period 7/8 - Class


    Your child has lunch period 8 - 

    Their schedule will say period 4/5 - Class

    Period 6/7 - Class

    Period 8 - Lunch


    Looking at the examples shown, the student does not have ILA for 4 periods.  However all ILA classes are 2 periods, so the student has lunch period 4, then ILA for periods 5/6 & 7/8.

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  • My child had an issue in class. Should I speak with the Principal?

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    Many times, when a child has an issue in class, the issue is due to a miscommunication between the student and the teacher.   Please contact your child's teacher.  Most times this will solve the problem.  The best way to contact the teacher is through e-mail. If you would like, the teacher will call you when they have a free period.

    If after speaking to the teacher, you feel there is still an issue, please contact either the counselor assigned to the student (if the question is relating to grades) or to the Assistant Principal for your child's grade level (2018-19 - Ms. DiMaggio, Grade 6 & Mr. Petronko, Grade 7)

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  • My child did not get the elective that they wanted. What can we do?

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    Although we make every effort to give students their first choice of elective, sometimes it's just not possible.  Several factors are involved in scheduling a student for their elective.  The electives are scheduled after core course requirements are met.

    If your child is scheduled for Math Prime, Basic Skills or Verbal Gate, those classes are scheduled first.  Then we schedule the rest of their house classes.  Unfortunately, once those requirements have been satisfied, your child's first elective choice (and possibly additional choices) may not be available during the remaining periods.


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  • How does my child know their Activity Bus?

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    Students can tell their Regular & Activity Bus # by looking at their bus pass (print from Parent Access).  The bus numbers shown will be in the following format: 

    BUS # EBBxxx - this will be the actual number on the bus which is assigned to the route.  Do NOT use this number to find your bus as it is subject to change without notice at any time.

    Route # HM00xxA(P)0x  This is the bus number that you need to make sure your child knows. 

    For Example:  If your ROUTE NUMBER is HM0010P05 it will mean the following

    HM denotes Hammarskjold School

    0010 denotes bus route # 10

    P = PM (A=AM)

    05 denotes the activity bus number 5

    In this case, the student will need to know that they are on bus HM10, and that their assigned Activity Bus # is 5.  You can find the stops of the Activity Buses on the Main Page of the HMS Website.  Just Scroll to the bottom of the page & they are there.  There are 6 Activity Buses.

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