• Grant News


    Building the Minds That Will Build the Future

    Funded January 20, 2018 on Donorschoose.org

    We will recieve Keva Plank sets to use in team-building and STEM design challenges!

     Flipped and Flexible Fourth Grade Part 2

    Funded January 17, 2018 by EBEF

    Get ready for new seating options in our Flipped and Flexible Seating Classroom!

    Fourth Grade Movers and Shakers

    Funded October 29, 2017 on Donorschoose.org

    7 new Hokki Stools have been delivered.


    Flipped and Flexible Fourth Grade

    Funded October 11, 2017 by EBEF

    We are enjoying our new classroom furniture for Flexible Seating.


    Flip the Script

    Funded December 2017 by EBEF

    Upgrade to Flipgrid Classroom-Now students can respond to others on Flipgrid