• ¡Bienvenidos a todos! I am Señorita Hewes, Spanish II teacher in East Brunswick Public Schools. I started learning Spanish in school, just like many of my students. In high school my family moved to Quito, Ecuador where we lived for three years. My knowledge in Spanish and passion for the language and culture grew during those formative years, and upon returning to the United States, I continued studying Spanish in college. I studied abroad in Salamanca, Spain and eventurally returned to Spain to teach English in Galicia and Madrid. I feel blessed to be able to share a variety of different perspectives of Spanish language and culture with my students, and consider it my responsability to encourage them to continue in their studies as I did!

    This class has a Google Classroom for enrolled students. Parents, if you would like to be enrolled in your child's Google Classroom site, please email me at shari.hewes@ebnet.org and I will send you an invitation.

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