• Switching the Input Method from English to Chinese on a PC 

    • Start 
    • Control Panel 
    • Clock, Language, and Region 
    • Under Region and Language, Select Change keyboards or other input methods
    • New Window will pop up, under the Keyboards and Languages tab, click on Change keyboards...
    • under the General tab, click on Add...
    • click on the little plus sign before Chinese (Simplified, PRC) 
    • click on the little plus sign before Keyboard 
    • check/click on the first three boxes that says the following...
      • Chinese (Simplified)-Microsoft Pinyin ABC Input 
      • Chinese (Simplified)-Microsoft Pinyin New Experience 
      • Chinese (Simplified)-US Keyboard 
    • Click on OK
    • Close the window and Click on Apply

    Now, you should see a little EN sign on the Taskbar, you can click on that and switch back and forth between English Input Method and Chinese Input Method

    NOTE: Please make sure that your taskbar looks like this icon before typing. If not, you can fix it by clicking on the fourth character from the left. 


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