• Reading- Unit 3: Reading Differently to Get Ready to Write About Your Reading

    In this unit, students will learn a variety of strategies to think more analytically about their reading to develop theories. This will help students successfully write about their reading in the paired writing unit, Literary Essays. Students will be challenged to rise to the occasion by reading short stories that are worthy of serious, thoughtful reading and by bringing all they know from their school career to the work of reading those stories deeply. Students will also begin investigating the choices the authors make to better understand characters and plot at increasing complexity.


    Writing- Unit 3: Literary and Comparative Essays

    In Unit 3, This is a unit on writing essays about reading. The goal is to help students who can already write essays about their lives transfer and adapt that skill, so they are also able to write essays about books (and short texts) and eventually, to write essays that compare several texts. That is, this unit falls within the tradition of opinion/argument writing, but it is a unit on text-based reading. We expect that the close analytical reading that students do within the text will go a long way towards lifting the level of their thinking and writing about reading.


    Math- Unit 4: Decimal Concepts; Coordinate Grids

    In this unit, students extend their understanding of the base-10 place-value system to include decimals. They read, write, and represent decimals through thousandths in a variety of ways and learn strategies to compare, order, and round decimals. Students are also introduced to the first quadrant of the coordinate grid. Finally, they apply whole-number algorithms to add and subtract decimals.