• Reading- Unit 4: Tackling Complexity- Moving Up Levels of Nonfiction

    This unit supports students in building independent nonfiction reading lives outside of school. Across the unit, the students will study ways in which their texts are becoming more complex. However, rather than becoming discouraged, they will turn independently to the strategies they need for support! These strategies will include identifying and using text features, determining the main idea with supporting details, determining the meaning of unfamiliar words using context clues, and identifying text structures.


    Writing- Unit 4: Lens of History

    In Unit 4, students will use what they have learned in social studies to write several informational texts! There are three bends in this unit, meaning students will create three different types of text to form a writing portfolio. We will begin by researching life in the 13 colonies leading up to the Revolutionary War and writing an essay about our research. In the next bend, each student will pick a specific person, event, battle, or invention related to the causes of the American Revolution. Again, students will research with this topic in mind and produce an essay. Finally, students will create an authentic diary entry from the perspective of someone alive during the Revolutionary War!


    Math- Unit 6: Investigations in Measurement; Decimal Multiplication and Division

    In this unit, students apply their understanding of place value to multiply and divide decimals by powers of 10. They investigate how patterns in powers of 10 can be used to convert measurements in metric units, learn how line plots can be used to organize and analyze measurement data, and explore a method of finding volumes of figures that are not rectangular prisms. Students also extend whole-number methods to multiply and divide decimals.