• Students should be reading a variety of genres this year. They must practice and maintain fluency while using various reading strategies to improve comprehension. Students are expected to read and work on writing about their reading 5 nights a weeks for a minimum of 30 minutes each night. While reading, they should stop and jot at least one time during their 30 minutes in order to reflect on their thoughts. This could be after their reading or after a chapter. These quick jots allow the teacher to monitor student progress and also serve as helpful notes for students when they are required to discuss or write about their book at a later time. Once a week, students will complete a write long about their book in order to expand on their ideas and the teaching points discussed in class.

    Students' Reading Notebooks will contain all of their notes and work throughout the year. Students will be required to make sure all pages contain a heading and that their notebook is presented in a neat and organized manner. At least once a week while reading, students should add at least 1-2 new or interesting vocabulary words to the glossary at the back of their notebook. The Reading notebook will be graded approximately once a month during a conference with the student and the teacher, and students should use the Reading Notebook Rubric to ensure that they have met the requirements.

    Please Click here to see the Reader's Notebook Rubric