• Homework Overview:

    *Please check your child's AGENDA each day for the daily homework assignments. (HL stands for Homelink) (F sheet stands for Fundations sheet) 

    *Math and Fundations homework should be completed for the next day, unless otherwise noted.

    *Please check your child’s homework folder daily and clean out any old notices & graded homework.

    *Please RETURN the reading book baggie, agenda, reading folder, and homework folder to school EACH DAY.



    -The Homelink number (Example: HL 1-1) will be written in their agenda. The Homelink journal will remain in your child's backpack all year. Please tear out the homelink, have your child complete it, and return it to school the following day. 



    -Each night your child should read & log it on their reading log. (If the level of the book is unknown simply write “?”) There's no set amount of time they MUST read...we recommend that they read for as long as they're able to (10 minutes, 15 minutes, 20 minutes, etc.). We're working on building our stamina in class. Students may read books from their Reading Book Baggie (given in school) or books from home. If they are reading a "challenge" book, please provide them with support. 

    -The log will remain in their "My Reading Life" folder.




    -A family letter introducing the new unit will be sent home at the start of each new unit. The letter will explain important concepts the students will learn within that unit.  

    -In your child's agenda, it will say F sheet for the Fundations homework.