• During 4th grade, we will cover the following units in science:


    1. Astronomy - we get an actual planetarium lab that we go into.  We will study the stars, their patterns, and how ancient civilizations saw the same patterns that we see today.  It will be a chance to hear some Native American and Greek constellation stories.  We'll discuss our day time star (Anyone know what that is?), the moon, and the planets in our solar system.  It is so much fun, you're going to love it.  Did anyone happen to see the solar eclipse over the summer?
    2. Motion & Design - you'll build vehicles using pieces called k'nex.  We'll test them for different energy, force, friction.  You'll have challenges to complete by building, evaluating, modifying, re-evaluating, and proving.  It is an extremely hands on unit, so get ready to be creative!
    3. Animal Studies - Yes, that's right, we will have little, friendly creatures in our classroom.  We'll study their habitats, and what they have in common with each other and us.

    Throughout the year we will also do STEM activities, where the lesson will include: science, technology, engineering and mathematics.  These activities will be team building activities and will really get your brains working.