First, Second, and Third Grade Math

Everyday Math


      Our wonderful students at Bowne Munro School are fortunate to be able to take part in the wonderful Everyday Math Online Program. The website provides fun math games and fact practice. Your child's personal Login information will be sent home. Please contact me if you misplace the login information or have any questions.


    Everyday Math Login:   



    With the growing technology in our school and at home below I have listed Ipad games that are my personal favorites to use with the students. Feel free to download these games at home for the students to get extra practice. Best of all they are all free!

    • Math Splash 1st and 2nd Grade
    • Number Line
    • Math Facts Second Grade
    • Telling Time
    • Pick-a- Path
    • Sushi Monster


    Current Unit: Unit 6

         Units of Studyby Grade Level


    Second Grade Math

    Unit 1: Establishing routines

    Unit 2: Fact Strategies

    Unit 3: More Fact Strategies

    Unit 4: Place Value and Measurement

    Unit 5: Addition and Subtraction

    Unit 6: Whole Number Operations and Number Stories

    Unit 7: Whole Number Operations, Measurement, and Data

    Unit 8: Geometry and Arrays

    Unit 9: Equal Shares and Whole Number Operations


    Third Grade:

    Unit 1: Math Tools

    • Time/Elapsed Time
    • Multiplication

    Unit 2 Number Stories

    • Arrays
    • Division

    Unit 3 Operations:

    • Addition & Subtraction Computation
    • Multiplication Strategies
    • Graphing

    Unit 4 Measurement

    • Geometry
    • Area & Perimeter
    • Line Plots

    Unit 5 Representing Fractions

    • Equivalent Fractions
    • Multiplication Strategies

    Unit 6 Fact Power

    • Parentheses Problems
    • Two-Step Number Stories

    Unit 7 Fractions on Number Line

    • Comparing Fractions
    • Fraction Number Stories
    • Fractions of Collections
    • Liquid Volume

    Unit 8 Multiplication & Division

    • Measuring to ¼ inch
    • Factors
    • Solid Shapes

    Unit 9 Reviews

    • Multiplies of Ten
    • Intro to Multi-Digit Multiplication

    Important Reminders:

    • Building basic fact Fluency will help students in all areas of math. Remmeber to practice those facts!
    • Student Reference books can be accessed through Everyday Math Online.
    • Students can begin to practice their individual addition facts and numbers at home. The Everyday Math online is a great resource for practicing facts!
    • Math Logs will be collected every Friday.
    • This year the class utilize an interactive math notebook for students to keep together their work. This notebook will include work done in class, homework, math facts, and important vocabulary. This notebook will help keep all the information students need in one place. I am looking forward to exciting year in math!