• HW  
    Please make sure you child is completing their homework every night. Each nights homework will be written down in your child's agenda. Completing the homework assignments will help your child better understand and practice the lessons that were taught during the school day. It is extremely important your child comes to school each day prepared. Please encourage your child to try their best while completing the homework.  Trying your best is always appreciated! Please initial or sign your child's agenda each night to make sure they have completed all homework assignments written in their agenda. 
    If your child has trouble understanding the homework and you are unable to help them, please attach a signed note with the uncompleted homework stating the matter. Homework assignments will be checked daily. If your child does not complete a homework assignment at home, he/she will make it up during recess time. 

    We have started using our Homelink book for homework. Students have been writing the lesson number in their agenda as a reminder. They will recieve a lesson sheet each night for homework. Some nights, the students might get handouts which are used to supplement the lessons we are learning in class that day. Students should also be practicing their math facts daily!

    *If a student loses their Homelink, they are required to print out the Homelinks on the Everyday Math Online website. Check under Links for more information.

    Each night, the students will bring home their bag of books. The books in their bag are their independent reading level. It is important your child read those books for at least 15 minutes each night. Each week, the students will pick out new books of their interest.
    Students will receive Fundations homework that will practice word patterns that we learned in class. Please read the Fundations Homework Guide for more information. Please only do one day a night for homework.