• Supplies: 

    • Notebook/Binder 
    • Pencils 


    • Come to class on time every day
    • Have your supplies for the class with you 
    • Speak in the target language as much as possible 
    • No electronic devices (unless directed to do so)

    Grading Policy: 

    • Formative (20%) = Classroom Participation and Homework 
    • Interpresonal and Presentational Speaking 40%
    • Interpretive and Presentational Writing 40% 

    Makeup Work: 

    • Makeup works are acceptable within two weeks 

    Extra Help: 

    • Resources are available via teacher's website and google classroom 
    • If you are experiencing difficulties or you want to practice, please do not hesitate to see me 


    • yashin.chen@ebnet.org