Hammarskjold Middle School

Excellence in Academics, Athletics and the Arts

Excellence in Academics, Athletics and the Arts

La Clase de Español de la Sra. Aiello

Nombre: Sra. Gabriela Aiello

Escuela: Hammarskjold Middle School

Clase: Espanol 2

TELÉFONO DE ESCUELA: 732-613-6890 x 4073



Welcome back to school and to my Spanish Class!!! I hope you had a fabulous summer, and I know we’re going to have an awesome school year together. I love Spanish and my hope is for you to love it too! I encourage you to come to class with a positive attitude, a willingness to learn and a sense of humor!

Acerca de La Maestra

My parents were born and raised in Uruguay, South America where they met and 
got married.  They later decided to immigrate to the United States where they 
had their first child, "ME", in Jersey City, NJ.  I grew up in Jersey City 
and my first language was Spanish.  I started school as an ESL student where 
I learned English during the first weeks of Kindergarten!

I love children [I have five little ones of my own!!], I love Spanish and I 
love teaching.  I take great pride in what I do and in what I chose my career 
to be.

I also love to travel and have had the pleasure of visiting countries such as 
Spain, Uruguay and Mexico. I hope to one day continue my travels and learn 
more about all the beautiful countries the world has to offer.

La Misión Para La Clase

To comunicate with each other in Spanish and to enjoy learning all the 
wonderful things the Spanish culture has to offer.  The more we listen 
attentively in class and put our best effort forward to speak the language 
without hesitation, the easier it will become.  Before you know it, you will 
be communicating in Spanish!!!  Remember...practice, practice, practice and 
above all, have fun!!!