• Welcome to 7th Grade Social Studies!

    This year in Social Studies, we will continue learning about World History- particuraly the Medieval era! We will begin our year with sharpening our history skills, then travel to the Middle East, Africa, the Mongol Empire, and China. The second half of our year will include a research project, then we will continue exploring the world focusing on the late Roman Empire, the Middle Ages and Renaissance in Europe, and finally the Americas.

    I will keep a calendar giving you an idea of what we will be covering each day in class as well as the homework that has been assigned. While you must be writing your homework in your agenda each day, this is a good way to double check!
    We will also have a GoogleClassroom which you will be required to access and post in. This can be found by going to classroom.google.com and logging into your school Google account (what you use for the Chromebooks). 



    Get ready to explore the world!

  • For the next couple weeks, the students will be reading the novel I Rode a Horse of Milk White Jade to go along with our Mongols unit. The students will recieve time in class to read, but they will also be expected to keep up with their reading for homework. They have recieved a reading calendar (Handout #4 in their binder) which breaks down the reading schedule. Often times, the students will have quick reading quizzes when their reading is due to ensure it has been completed. 

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