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 Throughout this reading unit of Social Issue Book Clubs, the students are independently reading a book on his/her level and engaging in a book club discussion each day. Students are expected to read a certain amount of pages each night AND write a summary of the assigned pages on a post-it. The summary should be more than one sentence and should encompass the… Somebody, Wanted, But, So, Then format. The students were given a SWBST sheet to remind them of a proper third grade summary. The sheet is just a guide, as students will be recording their summary on the post-it.
Our class field trip to the Municipal Building has been rescheduled due to the Snow Day.
The new date is Monday, May 22nd from approximately 9:15-11:45am.                               Reminder: Your child WILL need to bring lunch/snacks. If your child returned the school bagged lunch form, he/she will still get that on the day of the trip. If your child did not order the bagged lunch, please make sure he/she BRINGS a lunch.
A copy of the Weekly Reading Log is attached in the Homework tab for you to print, in case your child loses/misplaces it.